hvorfor ikke palmeolje Architecture and innovation that creates inspiring buildings, processes and interactions

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forskjellige jordtyper i norge INCUBE is an architectural office with a vision of creating inspiring and well-functioning buildings. Since its launch in 2013, the office has worked with on a number of projects in the field of education, housing, infrastructure and commercial buildings. In parallel to the design of buildings we also work with the development of concepts and products for the construction industry.

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stellebord med badekar We are committed to good processes that lead to successful results for our clients and users. All phases require good planning, close dialogue with our customers, but different "tools" in both creative processes and structured problem solving. We switch between BIM, 3D modeling, hand sketches, model construction and graphic / electronic image processing. We try out innovations and material assemblies in the workshop and at full scale. To develop our own and others knowledge, we are also involved in teaching, both in the construction industry and at universities.

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pizzasnurrer oppskrift skinke One of the fundaments since the start of INCUBE is our commitment to innovation. We have developed a model for innovation based on interdisciplinary cooperation. Our office has a unique competence in materials technology and renewable energy. This gives us the opportunity to create architecture that breaks down traditional barriers. We work closely with partners such as Enova, Innovation Norway and investors so that innovation, products and architecture can be financed and realized.

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great lakes gurgaon The core of INCUBE consists of a group of committed employees with a common desire to utilize interdisciplinary expertise to create new impulses in the architectural field. Our core competence is architecture and material technology at the masters and doctorate level.